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Amazing Color Swatches Man .

So Basically what you really looking at is the part of the inside of this fine craft . Damn , Rachel I have to give it up to you seriously. I honestly don’t she ever taken a day off of this creation. Not only can she make killer Art this woman can be crafty . There is a lot of planning ahead and time seems to be going so slow . I am personally not available on most days , due to the fact I’m living in an area ( Farmland ) where signal just sucks . It gives me a lot of time to prepare my body mind and soul for this trip . Learning how to make fires , build tarp tents . I am from Queens, Ny god dammit!!!!! I didn’t even own a car ! Doesn’t mean I’m not savvy ! I’m always really to K.O a mother fucker . This is probably the first time I never had an official plan ...... let’s see where it takes me